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Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH

Originally founded as a family craft business in Ansbach in 1920, the company has developed into an innovative industrial enterprise based in Burgbernheim in central Franconia. Covering a total area of 7,000 sq.m., with its state-of-the-art machine park, highly qualified employees and a comprehensive stock of semi-finished products and raw materials, Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH today provides a completely customized production process.

Production, product range and innovation

Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH mainly manufactures high-quality technical brushes for all conceivable areas of the brush trade. For example, the design, the filling and the material can either be selected individually or according to the needs of the customer. This means that technically the company is able to supply anything from small batches (individual and sample production) to serial production.

The “Cleaning Brushes + Systems” division was launched in 2005. The business segment supplies customers and wholesalers from the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries with a comprehensive brushing and cleaning program. All products are certified according to international food regulations and standards.
The broad product range was later augmented by the “Niebling Detect” program, which was introduced a year later. A large selection of metal detectable products has since ensured safe detection of cleaning material residues in the food industry.

Since the beginning of 2013, production and distribution of “shadowboards” has taken place within the frame of the new “Niebling Arrangement Systems” division. A mobile frame on which silhouettes of the hygiene articles in use are printed facilitates application, storage and separation. Missing articles are immediately visible through simple optical control. This system has been developed, among other things, in accordance with the scientifically recognized “5S workplace organisation method”

Staff, qualification and efficiency

Qualification in the form of education and training is of particular importance in order to on a daily basis meet the high demands of the national and international customer base.
The company currently employs 70 employees from the region, 8 of whom are apprentices. It offers various training courses in the fields of production, administration, marketing and logistics. This is one of many measures to counter the demographic change and the expected lack in future of skilled labour.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Due to the current turnaround in energy policy, Niebling is currently focusing on environmental protection and sustainability. The most striking feature in this regard is operation of a large photovoltaic system on the factory roofs. Use of energy-efficient machines, the provision of office and break rooms with motion detectors and a proprietary recycling system for plastic material contribute to avoiding a large proportion of contaminants and environmental pollution. As a result of further proactive measures, the company’s annual environment balance in 2016 was 100% CO2-neutral.

Future prospects

Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH is well-equipped for the future. Production and storage capacities will be further expanded at Burgbernheim. To further develop national and international markets, the company is stepping up its marketing activities through participation in international trade shows and development of e-commerce.

Brief history

1920 Company formation in Ansbach

1987 Relocation to Burgbernheim

2001 Headquarter moved to Industriestraße 12

2005 Launch of the branch Cleaning Brushes + Systems

2006 Launch of the detectable product range

2007 New stock building for ressources

2008 New stock building for commodity goods

2011 New logistics building

2013 New production and storage facility

2017 New logistics building